Various: 2.8 hours

Applied proseal to elevator and rudder tips. Sanded skim coat and added micro to the aft seat top low spots.


Vertical stabilizer alignment 15.6 hours

I decided to revisit my alignment. After I thought I had achieved good alignment when I went to install the rudder I had to back out the middle and top rod bearings to the point where I did not have enough thread engagement. I followed the directions exactly. The issue is that the hinges when aligned with a straight edge are off because the hinge lenght must not be exact. So now I have to redo my attach plate as I drilled my holes about an 1/8 inch off, not a task I am looking forward to. I will have to fabricate an new attach plate from sheet for it to work.
Three days work 1/25/17-1/27/17. Fabricated and installed new attach plate. It took me three attempts but the third plate worked. I ended up drilling the holes about 1/8″closer to the attach bolts, that’s all the room I had. The only other option would have been to replace the forward spar.

Bending angle to attach plate.

The shorter one on the right is the new plate.

Not much room between the rivet heads and the spar bars.

Just enough room for the nuts to clear the web edge.

Good rudder horn parallel gap and rod bearings now within 1.5 turns from spec.


Tail position light: 1.8 hours

Installed molex connector and installed my warranty replacement tail position light.


Rudder stops: 3.0 hours

Tapered rudder stops for correct travel 35 degrees left and right. Added flox and fiberglass to rudder horn to close excessive gap. Adjusted rod end bearings to achieve full smooth travel.


Tail light adapter & throttle quadrant: 5.1 hours

Match drilled tail light adapter to rudder fairing. 

Primed adapter and quadrant cover. Trial fit quadtant, have the typical spacing issue I plan to fill with an aluminum spacer. 

Added nutplates to forward spar flanges. Riveted tail light adapter to fairing. Match drilled rudder stop to bottom hinge.


Rudder fairing & pedals: 4.4 hours

Added two additional rudder fairing screws. Installed static lines to static ports.

Was able to finally get rudder pedal extensions bent with a large enough hammer! Match drilled, machine countersunk, and deburred parts.