Various: 3.4 hours

Marked positions and installed 10 additional clickbonds.

Installed map lights to center caps and fabricated right map light connector.

Cutout firewall penetrations in stainless foil.

Rough cut throttle quadrant gap spacers.


Beringer wheels and brakes

Got a great price on a complete kit from Beringer. I also priced Grove, Cleveland, and Matco. Beringer has sealed bearings, tubeless Michelin tires, and stainless floating rotors and brake lines. The parts are gorgeous!


Rudder pedal adjuster

I did not care for the Vans locking pin adjuster so I fabricated my own using a stainless threaded rod. Adjustment is more precise with the trade off being a slightly heavier assembly.


Rudder pedals: 7.2 hours

Match drilled adjuster assembly to rudder slide.

Traced and cut adjuster knob handle from sheet.

Prime all parts and riveted nutplate angle to adjuster assembly. Just need to order a threaded rod and I can complete this mod!

Match drilled and riveted remaining nutplates to instrument subpanel. It took some time as space was really tight. I ended up trimming some of the fiberglass flange to get at the rivet. Wish I had some Clickbonds around to glue on.


Rudder pedal modifcation: 4.4 hours

I’m not too keen on the Vans cable actuated adjustable rudder pedals. I have been tossing around ideas for a while now and believe I have something viable.
I’m constructing a screw adjustment which will add weight but will be a better design. 


ANL bracket: 2.3 hours

Aligned, match drilled, and riveted ANL bracket to F808. Readjusted right bus wire to reach ANL stud. Labeled remaining wires in aft baggage.