Fuselage Wiring: 5.2 hours

Ran fuel sender and flap motor ground wiring.

Installed braided sleeve to static line and left baggage floor wire run.

Final postioned batt 1 and 2 bus wiring and wire run along left side baggage floor.


Wiring is here to stay for a while: 6.8 hours

Fabricated battery wires. Meaning I redid the wires. The originals were fabed out of tefzel wiring. After reading about lugs fatiguing and breaking due to the stiffness of this wire I decided to go with marine grade tinned 2ga for battery 1 and starter wiring. For battery 2 I used tefzel 6ga wiring whic is small enough to still be flexible. Battery one will be used for engine starting battery two for powering buss 2.

Zip tied and removed slack from pitch servo wire harness. Installed battery buss feed wiring. Not quite complete but sufficient for me to continue moving forward.


Empennage Wiring: 3.1 hours

Ran tail postion light wiring and secured with zip ties. Drilled longeron for position light ground.

Finally got all aft bulkhead wiring secured. Working my way forward almost done with the “hell hole”!

Riveted GMU mount to angles. Really tight space for riveting but it went better than expected. This is my back up location if the wing tip mount does not pass the interference test.


Empennage fairings 1.1 hours

Finished match drilling empennage and gap fairings. Drilled and tapped longerons for 6-32 screws.


Gap fairings: 2.6 hoursĀ 

Trimmed empennage gap fairings and applied micro. 

Edge prepped canopy latch brackets.


Various: 4.3 hours

Added fiberglass lenght to bottom empennage gap fairings. 

Cut out stainless firewall foil for engine mount.

Final sanded canopy frame. Began sanding empennage fairing.