Brake reservoir & canopy frame: 7.3 hours

Drilled instrument sub panel and installed Grove brake fluid reservoir.

 Finished  fabricating reservoir fluid line. Chose rigid over flex line due to the huge weight savings.

Removed excess epoxy from canopy bulkheads. Bonded frame plugs to forward and aft bulkheads.


Bagage door & brake system: 5.6 hours

Installed baggage door lift strut. 

Fabricated baggage door hinge pin and retainer. Baggage door complete. Will finish trim skin edges after cowling is installed.

I decided to go with a remote reservoir mounted on the instrument sub panel accessed through the baggage compartment. Fabricated brake line manifold bracket and spacers. Began fabricating brake reservoir line.

Baggage door: 4.7 hours 

Match drilled and riveted baggage door hinge to upper skin. 

Match drilled and installed frame blocks.


Baggage door: 2.7 hours

Positioned baggage door on fuselage and riveted inner skin to ribs. Had to use a lot of shims to get the door to contour properly.


Baggage door & canopy frame: 4.7 hours

Fabricated and riveted baggage door strut reinforcement to forward rib.

Trimmed left forward side of canopy frame. Removed high spots on aft frame.


Canopy frame: 3.2 hours

Primed hinge seal, hinge spacer, and cabin vent flanges. Countersunk canopy frame hinge holes.

Trimned forward top skin overlap for Showplanes canopy frame edge. The stock skin extended by one rivet aft of the overlap. The gold rivet is the one I replaced after trimming.

Riveted hinge to baggage door.


Forward top skin: 5.5 hours

Installed forward vent tube to NACA vent.

Applied proseal to upper firewall flange than began riveting forward top skin to fuselage.