Wiring: 3.0 hours

Finished forward seat heat wiring. Installed clickbonds for pilot stick.


Brake lines & rudder stops: 2.6 hours

Finished brake line fabrication.

Decided to scrap the JDAIR rudder stops partly because I over trimmed one side and the throw was beyond 35° and I feel the stock stops are more robust. So I did the initial trim on the stops.

Installed seat heat harness clickbonds and one for the voltage regulator and gear tower harness.

Spent a couple hours removing rivets from the forward center section flange in order to get the proper spacing for the spar stubs.

Pin verification: 6.6 hours

Verified pins for the following connectors: pitch servo, pitch trim, ELT and RCP, GEA24 J241, GAD27 J271, GSU25 J252, left and right wing root connectors, and various CAN bus wiring. So far everything is in the correct pin position woohoo!

Installed GAD27 J271 backshell. That was a lot of wires glad it’s done.

I have one wire on the GEA24 connector without continuity. Ended up being a bad crimp on blade connector. Anyway installed a new one and good to go, just burned about 1.5 hours.

Wiring: 5.4 hours

Fabricated battery 1&2 charge fuse wiring.

Installed pin connectors to aft seat heat harness. I added connectors to make it easier to install the cockpit flooring. I will have to be able to rivet the floor before running wire through the bulkead.

Zip tied left gear tower wire harness. Added protective loom to starter wire along center section rails.