Flap drive rods and wing root connectors: 2.4 hours

Drilled to 1/4 and reduced OD of flap rod end bearing retaining washers then installed on flaps. Now the rod ends are captured in case of bearing failure.

Right flap inboard edge is giving me spacing issues so I had to massage the edge into position.

Test fit wing root Deutsch connectors. Found two wires with pins instead of barrels so I fixed those.

Flap position sensor: 4.8 hours

Decided to redo the support bracket. The original one had had too much flex. Somehow I got all the bends right the first time. Match drilled mount to rib and fabricated linkage. Used stainless 4-40 rod and Dubro RC ball links. The sensor only has 1.2″ of travel so it took a while to get the mount and flap drive clamp in proper position to not over extend the sensor arm.