Rudder pedal modifcation: 4.4 hours

I’m not too keen on the Vans cable actuated adjustable rudder pedals. I have been tossing around ideas for a while now and believe I have something viable.
I’m constructing a screw adjustment which will add weight but will be a better design. 


Control column & forward skin: 5.6 hours

Had to remake the shim for the forward control column mount to get the bearings running smooth. .032 worked fine.

Traced cutout lines on top of forward skin for canopy modifcation. 

Match drilled and deburred forward top skin and firewall flanges.

Control column: 3.2 hours

Installed control column to rod end bearing mounts. Had to fabricate an .040 shim for the forward mount F849 in order to get the bearings to run free and smooth.


Various items: 5.7 hours

Installed F840 pushrod and bell crank.

Drilled flap motor bracket and installed actuator.

Scuffed various parts for prime. Installed rudder cables. Riveted upper and lower forward baggage bulkheads to upper flange.


Battery access door: 4.2 hours

Match drilled door to hinge. Dimpled all parts and machine countersinked all parts. Messed up my latch edge spacing so I have to make another door.

Match drilled rear stick to mount. My elevator pushrod had a slight bend so I had to massage it out.


Rudder pedals and parts prep: 6.8 hours

Fabricated rubber pedal extensions.
Just need to figure out a way to bend .125 plates.


Edge prepped battery tray and cockpit rails. Deburred front seat back. Etched gear legs and battery tray parts.



Rudder pedals: 3.6 hours

Primed release spacers and lifter plates then riveted assembly. Fabricated lock pin.