Various: 4.0 hours

Had to remake the instrument panel static line. Was trying to heat the original to add some bend. Ended up touching the heat gun and melting the wall.

Installed final zipties and torqued remaining left wing tank attach bolts. Trimmed and installed leeft wing ground wiring terminals.

Drilled fuselage floor left and right longerons for wing grounding points.

Added adituonal flap position sensor clickbond.


Dimmers: 3.7 hours

Configures display, cabin LED, and cabin lighting control. Powered up chart eyeball LED’s.

Had a lot of flickering on my G3X. Checked all connectors, removed dimmers and found the mounting tabs that are riveted to the circuit board were too lose. No way to fix so I replaced with spares with a different design. Good to go now.

Torqued all pitch servo and bellcrank nuts. Installed elevator pushrod, battery tray, and battery 1&2 ground wires.

Electrical: 6.7 hours

Fabricated spacers and secured battery 2 power wire and battery 1 ground wire with adel clamps.

Installed panelpole charging port wiring.

Torqued bus 1&2 wiring and battery grounds.

Repositioned transponder coax and GSA28 servo ground to avoid interference with rudder cable.