Fuselage Wiring: 2.0 hours

Installed braided sleeve on forward cockpit floor wire runs.

Installed union elbows and pitot/AOA lines to GSU25.


Fuselage Wiring: 2.4 hours

Ran right nav light wire and installed to connector. Ran left fuel sender wires, and installed braided sleeve on right baggage floor wiring. Ran 8 ga wire from SSC to powergate.

Center section: 5.8 hours

Made required bends to pitot and AOA tubes to clear the aileron pushrods. A heat gun works well for shaping shorter radius.

Took me some time to come up with a viable plan. The air lines run under the seat floor from left to right up into the right gear tower. Drilled seat floor ribs, right gear tower, and left bulkhead for snap bushings. Installed click bonds.

Installed coax connector and ran coax to instrument sub panel. This is for comm1.


More fuselage wiring: 5.3 hours

Ran avionics ground bus wire though left conduit. Installed additional click bonds. Started running stater wire and bus 2 wiring along side bulkheads. Tightened up wire runs in baggage area.


Pitch servo connector: 3.6 hours

Finished fabricating pitch servo connector wire harness.


Empennage Wiring: 3.3 hours

Added SSC control wire to right conduit. Took out wire slack, looking a little better. Began installing pitch servo barrel conectors.


Wiring: 4.8 hours

Ran tail postion light wires.

Ran remaining pitch servo wires. Began terminating servo wires. Not a lot of room to work will be glad when this is complete!

Looks like a mess right now but will eventually tidy up as wires are trimmed and bundled.

Installed wires between power gate and main busses.