Riveting: 3.2 hours

Continued riveting for skin and installed stainless screen at cut out for RV8a step.


Riveting: 6.6 hours

Tweaked aft fuselage wire positions, fabricated and installed transponder wire harness support. 

Cut ELT coax to length and installed connector. 

Riveted rudder cable exit fairings to fuselage. 

Began riveting upper aft skin to bulkheads.

ELT antenna installed aft of F-808. I did not want an external mount but this is a 406 unit and I wanted to be in compliance with TSO requirements. Plus the antenna is too long to place under empennage fairing. Ugly and more drag, oh well.

Aft fuselage skin install prep: 8.0 hours

Match drilled doubler plate to aft skin and bulkhead. Drilled doubler for antenna mount, dimpled, primed and riveted to skin. Riveted GMU and avionics shelves to fuselage longerons. Cut ELT coax to length.
Ready to rivet on the skin!


Priming and doubler plate: 4.4 hours

Primed GMU mount and flap drive rods. Ran elevator trim wires in aft fuselage. Fabricated ELT antenna doubler plate. Ended up making a bending block so that when bending the tabs they conform to the curve of the upper skin.


Workshop shrinkage

My workshop is officially too small. I have about two feet of wiggle room on all sides, just enough to get it done but I’m paranoid about denting the skins. This forces me to always have to take the long way around the shop. So I pay dearly when I forget a tool. Man do I miss being able to go direct! Have to make the best of it for now.


Mag mount

Fabricated mag mount for GMU22 between F-809 and F-810. From what I have read this position should work for pitch trim servo and remote transponder, we’ll see.


Rear avionics shelf

Fabricated a rear avionics shelf behind baggage bulkhead for remote transponder and ELT.