Gear fairings and canopy latch plate: 4.2 hours

Countersunk upper gear fairing access panels for tinnermans. Final trimmed edges around fuel tank vents.

Had one uneven area that needed micro.

Fabricated bulkhead canopy latch cover plate. The top will be trimmed after I install the canopy. The aft end of the latch rod drags along the bulkhead slightly so the plate will keep the paint protected.

Canopy painting: 2.4 hours

Painted the inside of canopy frame. After 8 months of sanding I can call it done!

With the canopy complete all major airframe construction is finally complete after 4 years. Items left for later are engine cowl, wheel pants, and wing gap fairings. Next up is Avionics install. Hoping to have this sled on its gear and moved to the garage for engine install by next summer.