Finishing the elevators: 4.0 hours

Finished edge rolling, riveting, and installing rod ends on the left elevator.
Riveted trim tab hinge to elevator and riveted tab ends.


Trim tab: 2.7 hours

Riveted trim tab spar to skin. Skin ended up slightly concave on the top and convex on the bottom. Looks like dimpling took a small amount of angle out of the spar. Other builders have the same issue with no negative effects so I am building on as recommended.
Made a small mistake on the elevator aft spar and need some Cherrymax blind rivets to attach the tab. Only one guy in the USA sells them in small quantities and they are not cheap.

Riveting the elevators: 5.9 hours

Spent 3/23 and 3/24 riveting the elevators. The right side went easy. The left side did not line up exactly after match drilling so it took a while to match drill some of the holes a second time. Some of the rivets were not exactly flush which took extra time during riveting. Trimmed both elevator counterweights per plans except I left the left weight it’s original size.