Forward section: 6.1 hours

Riveted stainless plug to firewall. The prepunched location I will not be using since the firewall passthroughs flange is too wide to fit. 

Painted nonskid to upper forward skin. Spot primed forward section and rudder pedal nicks. Attached eyebolts to forward rudder cable assemblies. Torqued fuel pump flex line fittings.

 Finished map lights wiring installation.


Master cylinders and brake lines: 4.5 hours

Adjusted master cylinder rod end bearings to proper lenght and torqued jams nuts.

Cut brake lines to proper lenght and installed banjo fittings and clear heat shrink. The Beringer fittings are -3 so I need to order flare reducers to transition to -4’s that are used to transition to rigid lines.
Taped upper forward skin for nonskid.

Rudder pedals: 7.2 hours

Match drilled adjuster assembly to rudder slide.

Traced and cut adjuster knob handle from sheet.

Prime all parts and riveted nutplate angle to adjuster assembly. Just need to order a threaded rod and I can complete this mod!

Match drilled and riveted remaining nutplates to instrument subpanel. It took some time as space was really tight. I ended up trimming some of the fiberglass flange to get at the rivet. Wish I had some Clickbonds around to glue on.