Rod’s Builder Log Vans RV-8

I created this blog to meet the FAA’s documentation requirements for airworthiness certification of amateur built aircraft and for anyone interested in my build progress.

I started shop setup in June 2013 completing three EAA style work benches modified to my needs. I also acquired the necessary tooling and recently completed both Vans practice kits in November 2013.

Vans is the most successful kit plane builder in the world. They have been in business since 1972 and there are over 9900 aircraft completed and flying.

I am building an RV-8 two place tandem cockpit tail wheel aluminum aircraft. It has a 24′ wingspan holds 42 gallons of fuel, has a gross weight of 1800 pounds. It has a top speed of about 215mph and a range of about 800sm. It will be powered by a 200HP air cooled 360ci four cylinder engine. The RV is stressed for +6/-3G’s and is very capable of light aerobatics.






My plan is a fast, light, redundant, yet simplistic VFR capable aircraft to include the Showplanes fastback conversion and cowl, Superior XPIO-382 with dual EFII electronic ignition and fuel injection. M&T composite three blade hydraulic prop, and Garmin G3X Touch.

My desire is to become involved with the EAA’s Young Eagle program and to pass on the burning torch of aviation to the next generation of dreamers!

With a lot of luck, a little skill, and even more patience I may some day have a flying aircraft!


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