Seat floors & console: 5.1 hours

Finished riveting stiffeners to seat floors. Installed nutplates to floor skins and seat ramp. 

Fabricated cable anchor, match drilled console to bulkhead cap, and installed platenuts. Deburred all parts.


Seat floor priming: 4.2 hours

Finished foot well edge prep. Primed floor skins.


Seat floors: 6.6 hours

Match drilled stiffeners and rear seat hinge to seat floors. Countersunk seat rib flanges. Scuffed and dimpled floors, foot wells, and deburred rib flanges.


Seat floors: 5.0 hours

Match drilled aft control mount to floor. Drilled and shaped flap bearing blocks and match drilled to floor. 

Match drilled forward floor stiffeners, foot wells, and forward floor to rib angles. Match drilled forward seat hinge to floor.


Gear brackets and floors: 6.2 hours

Torqued gear brackets. Finished seat floor and baggage floor edge prep and match drilling.