Canopy hinge & stiffeners: 5.7 hours

Bonded then riveted hinge and hinge seal to canopy frame.

Bonded left and right frame stiffeners to canopy frame.

Took a lot of time to get the frame tight against the fuselage.

Strapped baggage door to fuselage for riveting.


Canopy frame: 4.3 hours

Match drilled canopy hinge to right cockpit rail.

Trusty angle drill with extension worked well for match drilling through upper longeron with tight access under railing.

Fabricated and match drilled an .025″ shim to go uderneath hinge to prevent paint scraping. 

Marked and drilled outter canopy hinge for 3/32nd rivets. Riveted last of the left forward skin rivets.

Forward section: 6.1 hours

Riveted stainless plug to firewall. The prepunched location I will not be using since the firewall passthroughs flange is too wide to fit. 

Painted nonskid to upper forward skin. Spot primed forward section and rudder pedal nicks. Attached eyebolts to forward rudder cable assemblies. Torqued fuel pump flex line fittings.

 Finished map lights wiring installation.