Flap and root fairings: 5.1 hours

Edge prepped, scuffed, and dimpled remaining flap fairing and fuselage match holes.

Trimmed forward and aft wing root fairings to 3/16″ gap.


Fuel lines: 6.2 hours

Fabricated left and right fuselage to wing send and return lines. Not a lot of room to work in between! Short 6D fuel lines are not easy to bend. Any shorter and I would not have been able to flare the end fitting.

Reamed aft spars, spar attach complete!

Tank attach brackets: 5.4 hours

Made required bends to the F863 brackets. That took some persuasion with a large mallet.

Match drilled brackets to side skins. Had to work with an angle drill not much room between the tanks and side skins. I drilled the top first then back drilled the lower hole from the inside with a long #30 bit. Then stepped up to #12 from the outside with angle bits.

Aft spar: 5.2 hours

After measuring too many times I finally drilled the aft spars to spar attach bars. I found it almost impossible to achieve perfect alignment. I was well within the max limits for distance, leading edge straightness, and incidence in the manual so decided it was close enough.

Holes need to be reamed to 5/16 once I pick one up on ebay.

Wing alignment: 4.7 hours

Had to move the plane over and forward about a foot and a half (not fun) to be able to measure between the wings and tail reference. Then decided to put it on the saw horse for a solid level.

Completed wing alignment, leading edges are straight and wing distances to tail reference are exact.

Wing incidence set.

Will sleep on it and recheck tomorrow.