Canopy frame: 3.3 hours

Installed frame blocks and finished step drilling forward and aft latch pin blocks. Rough trimmed empennage fairing. Bonded all bosses to frame.


Empennage fairing: 6.2 hours

Decided to make an attempt at building a fairing. The fastback has more of an angle so the stock fairing will not fit without major cutting. Applied 4 plies of BID fiberglass and then covered with peel ply. Just hope it will break free!

Empennage. Fairing: 5.3 hours

Sanded form to shape. Had to add more expanding foam about three times to get the proper shape. Taped and ready to glass.


Fastback empennage fairing: 2.3 hours

Spent about 3.5 hours taping and fitting foam blocks in prep for expanding foam.

Added a little too much foam so I had to spend extra time sanding.

Sanded canopy frame carbon fiber strip flush that was applied to the mid bulkhead yesterday.


Canopy frame: 2.4 hours

Finished shaping forward anchor block. Moved slowly as to not make any non recoverable mistakes. Fabricated anchor block shim and glued in position.  Had to move one nutplate to have good edge on the nylon block. Removed and replaced two rivets under block with double flush rivets.

Cut out carbon fiber and epoxied to top of mid bulkhead.


Canopy frame: 4.6 hours

Marked mid bulkhead for canopy latch assembly. Match drilled aft anchor block to F-807 and forward block to F-803.


Canopy frame: 5.0 hours

Sanded excess fiberglass from inner edges of bulkheads and stiffeners.

Drilled latch pin slides and interior/exterior handle and lock bosses. Cut latch pin blocks to proper length.