Wiring: 2.7 hours

My GMC307 harness has a couple wires that were too short. So I spent the morning replacing these with longer wires. Added CO2, LED switch, and flap switch grounds. Found a cut in the pitch trim ground wire so I spliced in a new wire.


Wiring: 5.5 hours

Ran 6ga wire from SSC to powergate. I originally had 8ga but since the powergate and SSC both are fused at 100 amps the larger gauge is more suitable.

Installed terminals on remaining switch wires. Began organizing and zip ties wire bundles.

Strobe light power: 2.3 hours

Ran into an issue when I went to hook up strobe power. The strobe wiring is 20 ga and the main power wire is 16ga with a 10 amp fuse. Problem is a 10 amp fuse is too big for 20ga wiring that splits off to each strobe. So I am running the main wire to feed a fuse block with 5 amp fuses for each wire. Hard part was finding space. I settled on the right forward gear tower. Had to reroute the wires just need to order the fuse block to finish.

Drilled holes in console for trim breakers, cabin LED switch, and bag warn LED.

Panel wiring: 4.2 hours

Fabricated switch LED ground wiring and BAT1 contactor ground. My switches have LED’s so wiring the battery contactor between the switch and power source resulted in too much voltage drop for the light to work. So I have to remove one wire and install two wires to power the switch prior to the contactor.

Terminated flap switch wires. Ran CO2 ground and alert wiring.