Sand and prime: 2.5 hours

Sanded and primed aft seat top and and stiffeners. Continued sanding empennage fairing.


Fiberglass tips: 1.6 hours

Added mico to uneven wingtip seams. 

Prosealed gaps between horizontal and vertical stab tips.


Empennage and brakes: 3.0 hours

Edge prepped wheel pant brackets. Made bends to brackets to clear gear leg. 

Added micro to Empennage faring tips. 

Trial fit Beringer calipers and axles to gear legs, everything appears to have proper fitment.  
This is the 3rd axle revision I have received from Beringer. The first axle did not allow mounting without obstructing the brake port outlet at the base if the gear leg. The second axle revision did not have the proper bolt pattern spacing causing alignment issues with the caliper flange bolt holes. The 3rd revision is an updated bolt pattern that allows proper alignment and positioning of the caliper. 

Evidently I’m the first guy in the states with Grove gear and Beringer brakes so I get to be the path finder. I did not think they would work on a solution as this is a minority of installations. Thankfully they did, I was about to return the kit for a Grove brake kit.


Canopy frame & empennage fairing: 4.4 hours

Sanded canopy frame the applied micro to bottom side. 

Sanded loose fiberglass, and drilled attach holes in empennage fairing. Removed air pockets then covered with flox.


Fiberglass: 4.1 hours

Sanded scarf joints and final trimmed empennage fairing. Sanded canopy forward edge I think I can call it done.

Layed fiberglass plies to bottom horizontal stab gap.


Canopy frame: 3.1 hours

Cut latch handle bushing groove to match shape of relief in latch. Trimmed cap bolt and cut latch pin rod to proper length.

Drilled pilot hole for mid cabin bulkhead latch pin. Continued trimming empennage fairing.