Wing wiring: 4.7 hours

Installed ground blocks to instrument sub panel. Not an ideal location as they will be under the avionics shelf. Space is limited so as usual it’s a compromise.

Installed right wing root pins and connectors.


Wing wiring: 2.2 hours

Secured GTP tempature probe wiring with zip ties.

Had to reroute wiring at last four inboard ribs to clear pushrods. That took a while. Trimmed wires and pitot tubing. Decided to install wing root connectors to allow for completing as much wiring as possible at the house.

Right wing flap: 1.9 hours

Installed flap to right wing. I prosealed the flap brace to the skin and used cleco clamps to hold the hinge in place while adjusting alignment and drilling.
I was able to use the narrower Vans hinges that come with the kit. I drilled the flap side of the hinge at min edge distance. Wing side of hinge was at or outside of min edge distance. Quick and easy technique, thanks VAF forum!
Wings stored in their cradle for now.