Cockpit rails: 2.3 hours

Riveted left cockpit rail to longerons.


Baggage door: 5.7 hours

Riveted baggage door ribs to outer skin. Fabricated lock arm and washer. Edge prepped and primed mid fuselage side panels, instrument sub panel, baggage door lock arm, and latch pins.


Various: 3.2 hours

Installed landing gear brackets. Riveted forward fuselage skin reinforcement to skin. I shaved down a 3.5 rivet by a 32nd to achieve double flush.20160923_194520.jpgMatch drilled fuel valve cover plate.


Priming & SB: 7.1 hours

Primed forward upper skin and baggage door parts. Primed and painted landing gear brackets and tail spring.wp-image-427215000jpg.jpg

Had to repaint the tail spring because the idiots at powder coat coated over rust. They lost my business.

Match drilled right doubler to right forward spar.wp-image-1708566474jpg.jpg

Cut rib flanges from stock.


Horizontal Stabilizer: 3.9 hours

Cut relief notches in forward spar and tapered flange ends.20160923_194010.jpg Removed inboard rib forward flanges and drilled new rivet holes. Deburred spar doublers.


Horizontal Stabilizer SB 14-01-31: 4.7 hours

Decided to dive into SB 14- 01-31 so that it is complete before mounting the stab to fuselage. The SB adresses cracks found in the forward horizontal stabilizer spar. The SB only requires an annual inspection for cracks. Since I am not yet flying I decided to complete the repair now so that I do not have potential issues later. Drilled out all necessary rivets. The reinforcement rivets on the front spar were the hardest and I elongated a few holes starting out therfore I will be replacing parts that are out of tolerance.


Instrument sub panel: 2.1 hours

Match drilled, machine countersunk, and tapered sides of the instrument sub panel for Showplanes canopy.