Vent lines & wing root fairings: 4.6 hours

Finished fabricating tank to fuselage vent lines. That’s the last of them. I’ve made several over the past two years, glad to say I’m finished.

Filed aft wing fairings to fit and joggled forward edge to overlap skin.


Fuel lines & flight controls: 6.7 hours

Deburred fuel line flares.

Match drilled center bottom skins to inviard wing ribs.

Jigged ailerons and adjusted W816 control rods between control column and bellcranks.

Installed ailerons and checked center. Measured throws at 30°UP/17°DN.

Installed flap drive rods and flaps to wing.

Ground block and fuel lines: 3.1 hours

Match drilled canopy micro switch to mount and latch block and primed switch mount.

Match drilled ground block and installed to instrument sub panel.

Began torquing fuel valve flare nuts. Space is severely limited so I had to undo 4 lines to make space for the wrench. The tight space and limited visibility make torquing almost impossible on the two outboard flare nuts. Nothing like working by reflection in a mirror! I was able to get them all torqued but dread ever having to remove the valve.

ANL bracket: 2.9 hours

Decided to fuse the right bus power wire requiring  fabrication of an ANL bracket. Will install on F-808 behind batteries. Space is limited but it will be aceessable if I ever need change the fuse. Torqued rigid fuel lines at boost pump and added second adel clamp for boost pump power wiring.