Avionics shelf: 5.0 hours

Fabricated ELT support angles and match drilled to shelf. Countersunk required holes and deburred all parts. Will have to wait until I have the units in hand to complete the shelf. 

Installed click bonds to aft fuselage side skins.


Avionics shelf: 4.2 hours

Fabricated transponder mounts from leftover angle. Match drilled angles to shelf then match drilled shelf to longerons.

Transponder will mount to the bottom of the shelf and ELT will be on the top.

Wiring: 3.4 hours

Decided to redo the pitch trim servo wiring. The heat shrink made the wires too stiff. I have more flexible wiring now so the transition from the elevator horn to the aft deck should work better.

Past couple of weeks have been unproductive build wise due to extensive electrical planning. The complexity of the electrical system, avionics, and building in redundant systems has proved to be challenging. Fortunately I have access to Aeroelectric connetion, Garmin and EFII engineering support. I’m making progress albeit slow and that’s okay. In the end I need a reiable and robust system so good planning now should pay off later.