Cabin LED lights and wiring: 5.0 hours

Finished cabin LED light install.

Installed audio between GDU460 AND GTR200. Verified GDU460 P4602 pins and installed backshell. Verified GMC307 & GPS20A connector pins, and CAN bus between left/right wing root connectors.


Instrument pane: 3.8 hours

Spent some time finishing panel layout. Drilled hole for start switch and cutout for ELT control switch.

Installed boost pump power connector and ran wires to instrument sub panel.

Began fabricating cabin LED lighting.

Wiring: 4.3 hours

Labled and installed connectors to various wires. Ran pitot heat, autopilot, bus volts, alt field, boost pumps, ignitions, and ecu wiring to final positions. Installed zip ties to harness.

Fuse block wiring complete, empty slots are spares. Next up is to tighten up the harness then trim wires for switch install.