Left wing riveting: 4.3 hours

Primed left fuel tank and scuff marks on ribs.


Installed top skins and began riveting top inboard skin.


Fuel tank final assembly: 7.3 hours

Began riveting baffle and Z brackets to tank ribs. Began riveting skin to baffle flange.


Left wing prep: 2.3 hours

Edge prepped left tank baffle, ready to rivet.
Finished bottom skin inboard and outboard dimpling.


Right tank finished! 5.5 hours

Was able to get all of the baffle to skin rivets set and sealed!
Just need to install the access plate with access door sealant.
After sealant is cured I will leak test and hopefully pass.
Used exactly one quart of flamemaster thus far.


Right tank sealing: 1.3 hours

Sealed right tank baffle to end rib rivets.


Completing the right fuel tank: 6.4 hours

Installed and sealed left and right tank sending units to access plates.     tmp_17577-2014-12-15 18.41.55-1105707049tmp_17577-2014-11-30 21.17.20176054411

Installed baffle, riveted Z brackets, and end ribs.
2014-12-15 18.42.18