Wing wiring: 4.7 hours

Installed ground blocks to instrument sub panel. Not an ideal location as they will be under the avionics shelf. Space is limited so as usual it’s a compromise.

Installed right wing root pins and connectors.


Fuselage Wiring: 2.4 hours

Ran right nav light wire and installed to connector. Ran left fuel sender wires, and installed braided sleeve on right baggage floor wiring. Ran 8 ga wire from SSC to powergate.


Fuselage Wiring: 2.0 hours

Installed altenator to bus feed wire. Combed wire runs in both gear towers.


Fuselage Wiring: 5.2 hours

Ran fuel sender and flap motor ground wiring.

Installed braided sleeve to static line and left baggage floor wire run.

Final postioned batt 1 and 2 bus wiring and wire run along left side baggage floor.


And more fuselage wiring: 6.7 hours

Rerouted a few wires in cockpit floor. Installed right wing root pins and connectors.

Combed removed sale and installed zip ties to wire runs.


Fuselage Wiring: 6.4 hours

Ran GMU 11 wiring from left wing connectors to instrument panel and installed pins and connectors.

Ran panel buss block grounds aft to batteries. Installed additional click bonds.