And more fuselage wiring: 6.7 hours

Rerouted a few wires in cockpit floor. Installed right wing root pins and connectors.

Combed removed sale and installed zip ties to wire runs.


Center section: 5.8 hours

Made required bends to pitot and AOA tubes to clear the aileron pushrods. A heat gun works well for shaping shorter radius.

Took me some time to come up with a viable plan. The air lines run under the seat floor from left to right up into the right gear tower. Drilled seat floor ribs, right gear tower, and left bulkhead for snap bushings. Installed click bonds.

Installed coax connector and ran coax to instrument sub panel. This is for comm1.


Connectors: 4.1 hours

Glued wing connectors to bulkheads. Added additional click bonds.

Installed wing root adel clamps. Drilled left forward gear tower for start cable pass through and drilled center skins for wing wire harness pass through.


Rear seat frame complete 

After the paint dried I installed blind rivets to complete the seat frame assembly.  Center section is complete. Will finish install of completed parts after wiring is finished.


Painting: 2.7 hours

Finished priming parts then painted seat frame, aft seat top, and instrument sub panel.


Sand and prime: 2.5 hours

Sanded and primed aft seat top and and stiffeners. Continued sanding empennage fairing.