Canopy frame: 2.3 hours

Continued sanding stiffeners. Finished round one of stiffener micro.


Canopy frame: 3.7 hours

Sanded micro and began adding micro to stiffeners. Trying to figure out idea thickness and viscosity. I put it on too thick requiring a lot of sanding on the first round. 


Canopy frame & empennage fairing: 4.4 hours

Sanded canopy frame the applied micro to bottom side. 

Sanded loose fiberglass, and drilled attach holes in empennage fairing. Removed air pockets then covered with flox.


Empennage fairings: 2.6 hours

Trimmed and sanded left and right lower HS farings to final shape. 

Decided to reshape the front of the empennage fairing. The hard part about drawing lines on a curved part is the lines tend to be more or less curved. It’s close enough now. 


Fiberglass: 4.1 hours

Sanded scarf joints and final trimmed empennage fairing. Sanded canopy forward edge I think I can call it done.

Layed fiberglass plies to bottom horizontal stab gap.


Canopy frame & empennage fairing: 2.0 hours

Fabricated taxi latch rod.

Marked seat back support for gas strut attach nut.

Fiberglassed forward lower side of empennage fairing.