Riveting and control column: 3.2 hours

Riveted nutplates and flange to instrument panel. 
Riveted footwells together and to forward floor.

Clecoed forward skin to structure and installed control column.


Priming and riveting: 4.5 hours

Primed baggage floor and shelf, instrument panel assembly, consoles, and throttle quadrant. Riveted baggage and battery access doors to floors. 


Battery access, instrument panel & forward skin: 8.0 hours

Finished battery acces cover and edge prep. Cut balsa battery tray block. Match drilled instrument panel cover to flange, machine countersunk required holes, edge prepped and scuffed for primer. Edge prepped forward top fuselage skin and baggage door support strips. Riveted static fitting bracket to blukhead.


Riveting and baggage panel: 6.1 hours

Riveted upper rear bulkheads to assembly. 

Cut new battery acces door from sheet. Match drilled, edge prepped, dimpled, and made cutouts for Hartwell latches.


Various items: 5.7 hours

Installed F840 pushrod and bell crank.

Drilled flap motor bracket and installed actuator.

Scuffed various parts for prime. Installed rudder cables. Riveted upper and lower forward baggage bulkheads to upper flange.


Battery access door: 4.2 hours

Match drilled door to hinge. Dimpled all parts and machine countersinked all parts. Messed up my latch edge spacing so I have to make another door.

Match drilled rear stick to mount. My elevator pushrod had a slight bend so I had to massage it out.