Fuselage Wiring: 2.0 hours

Installed altenator to bus feed wire. Combed wire runs in both gear towers.


And more fuselage wiring: 6.7 hours

Rerouted a few wires in cockpit floor. Installed right wing root pins and connectors.

Combed removed sale and installed zip ties to wire runs.


Fuselage Wiring: 6.4 hours

Ran GMU 11 wiring from left wing connectors to instrument panel and installed pins and connectors.

Ran panel buss block grounds aft to batteries. Installed additional click bonds.


Fuselage Wiring: 4.1 hours

Drilled seat floor ribs for snap bushings. Ran flap motor, trim motor, and left wing wiring to instrument panel.


Fuselage Wiring: 3.7 hours

Installed flap motor molex connector. Installed wiring from center section to instrument panel.


Aft baggage LED: 2.1 hours

Installed Molex connector, ground, and installed remaining baggage LED wiring.