Canopy frame: 3.2 hours

Primed hinge seal, hinge spacer, and cabin vent flanges. Countersunk canopy frame hinge holes.

Trimned forward top skin overlap for Showplanes canopy frame edge. The stock skin extended by one rivet aft of the overlap. The gold rivet is the one I replaced after trimming.

Riveted hinge to baggage door.


Canopy frame 6.2 hours

Trimmed forward edge of hinge and hinge pin to proper length. Wasn’t sure how to terminate the hinge pin so I added a 90 ° bend and tucked it under the filet overlap. After more sanding of the frame I match drilled the frame to the canopy hinge. 

Canopy frame opens to 90° without and binding on fuselage.

Cut and match drilled hinge seal to canopy portion of hinge.

Traced cut lines on upper canopy frame.

Canopy frame: 4.3 hours

Match drilled canopy hinge to right cockpit rail.

Trusty angle drill with extension worked well for match drilling through upper longeron with tight access under railing.

Fabricated and match drilled an .025″ shim to go uderneath hinge to prevent paint scraping. 

Marked and drilled outter canopy hinge for 3/32nd rivets. Riveted last of the left forward skin rivets.

Canopy frame: 6.6 hours

Positioned canopy frame onto fuselage to mark trim lines.

Trimmed right side of frame flush with canopy rail then trimmed additional 3/16″ to accommodate hinge width. Cut hinge to proper length.

Trimmed then sanded forward end of frame to match contour of upper skin. This took a lot of time, it’s close I will final sand once frame is complete.