Wiring: 2.7 hours

My GMC307 harness has a couple wires that were too short. So I spent the morning replacing these with longer wires. Added CO2, LED switch, and flap switch grounds. Found a cut in the pitch trim ground wire so I spliced in a new wire.


Wiring: 4.4 hours

Terminated flap position, roll and pitch position wiring to GEA24 J241 connector. Fabricated RS232 between GEA24 and GDU460.

Continued fabricating rocker switch panel spacers.

More wiring: 3.5 hours

Continued trimming switch wiring and installing terminals. Trimmed and installed connectors on BAT1 and BAT2 monitor wires, pitot blue, and L/R roll trim wires.

Began fabricating rocker switch panel spacers. The switches are too loose in the panel. They sell gaskets but I don’t think that will tighten the switches up enough. If this doesn’t work I will have to make a new panel.