Faults/electrical/wingtip: 2.2 hours

Spent most of the day troubleshooting the two remaining faults. I had a trim fault on the PFD that was related to servo trim config. The other was traffic data fail which was due to the wrong transponder configuation. All avionics are communicating and working.

Applied power to cabin heat servo and USB charger.

Fabricated spacer for heat servo actuator.

Removed right nav light and sanded down high spot causing light to not sit flush.


Electrical and wingtips: 4.8 hours

Finished installing switch connector heatshrink and installed GPS coax. Added servo heat and Bluetooth connector wirng to fuse block 1.

Confirmed power and ground pins for all avionics. Getting close to initial system power up!

Sanded left wingtip and added micro to remaining pin holes.