Flap and root fairings: 5.1 hours

Edge prepped, scuffed, and dimpled remaining flap fairing and fuselage match holes.

Trimmed forward and aft wing root fairings to 3/16″ gap.


Flap fairings: 2.2 hours

Spent most of the day rechecking and measuring. aileron and flap rigging. Won’t know how accurate I am until it flies.

So I went ahead and started hand forming flap fairings to to contour fuselage.

Flaps: 2.5 hours

Relieved right center fuselage side skin for proper pushrod clearance. I made a template of the left side and transferred to the right to save time. Edge prepped holes and floor rib flanges. Installed pushrods and ops checked.

Fabricated template for aft floor pushrod exit holes.