Tank vent lines: 2.8 hours

Finished deburring landing gear brackets.

Began fabricating vent lines after several hours of contemplating how exactly I’m gonna approach this.


Endless tubing: 5.8 hours

Finished bending right tank return line.


Fabricated left and right tank vent lines. Lines will terminate with JDair vents. Nylon tubing will connect the vents to the line. Much easier to work with  than 3/8 tubing.


Began bending brake lines, more compound curves, yaaa. There is only one thing that I enjoy compound curves on, well maybe two or three!

Left tank lines: 5.9 hours

Was able to bend and install left tank feed and return lines. Decided to deviate from my orginal plan to redo fuel line lenght. I had to construct a template. Once all the lines are run and I’m assured this will work I will transfer holes to side skins. Bending fuel tubing is definitely my least favorite and frustrating task. Lots of angles and lots of wasted time and tubing!


Fuel line planning

No real work accomplished. Spent several hours over the past few days attempting to come up with a soulution for a fuel injection return line, duplex valve, and dual pre filters at the wing root. Space is tight but I think I have a viable solution finally.
I blew up the tank profile plans to scale and taped to forward side skin to position parts and work out the bend radius. Two dimensional of course so not all the bends are shown.
In the end the lines are located slightly different with the required bends.