Avionics shelf and stiffeners: 4.3 hours

Primed GMU and brake reservoir stiffeners.

The .040 sheet is a little too thick for my budget bender!

Fabricated avionics shelf and riveted GSU stiffener to sub panel.


Avionics & baggage floor: 4.4 hours

Fabricated extended forward baggage floor. I decided to use the lower compartment to mount the GPS20A and the GAD27. My plan is to mount the ECU’s and the GEA24 behind the panel so I can run the wires along the top skin behind the forward baggage door brace to the engine.

My mock up. Not much room in an RV8 but this should work. I wanted my ECU’s in a relatively cool area with wire routing as separated as possible to negate any failure effecting the other system. Only took me 3 days to figure out the placement. I will probably relocate the avionics ground bus to the lower bulkhead. I’m sure I will change it another twenty times.